Book Trade In/Buy Back Service

FRP is able to support our clients with Book Trade In Facilitation (also known as “Buy Backs”)

Here’s how it works:

  • You order book(s) from supplier
  • You log purchase(s) on your Google Sheet (Type “TRADE IN” in your Send to AZ column so we know not to send it to FBA)
  • You initiate the Trade In/Buy Back order and download PDF shipping label/packing slip
  • You complete the FRP Trade In/Buy Back Submission form which includes uploading the PDF shipping label/packing slip and providing Trade In Deadline

Please note:

  • FRP charges $1.00 surcharge per Trade In/Buy Back which covers the extra time and materials required to package and send books individually (For clarity, total cost is $2.50 per book as our standard prep fee also applies)
  • FRP will remove or cover barcodes as required (and to watch for “Instructors Editions” or other prohibited books)
  • Trade In/Buy Back providers typically require that books are shipped by a specified deadline.
    • If purchased items have not been received by FRP by this deadline, you may need to obtain a new trade in/buy back label for the item or initiate a return. FRP $1.00 trade in surcharge will still apply to these types of returns.
    • You (our client) assume all risk for expired labels/rejected trade ins, as these are not within FRP control

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